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Air conditioning & Heating in the Central Valley since 1969
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Modesto Heating Installation

Heating Maintenance, Repair & Installation

Why use Wally Falke's for your home indoor comfort control? Several reasons. For one, we're experienced. In Business since 1969 we know the fine details of quality HVAC systems. Secondly, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service which also means offering our customers the perfect solution for their specific needs. We don't try and force you into a limited set of product offerings. Instead, we specialize in a wide array of HVAC technology which allows us to perfectly meet each need.

Wally Falke's is a Modesto heating company with credentials. We're a NATE certified contractor, a York Certified Comfort Specialist. This simply exemplifies our commitment to technical excellence, which means you receive the best.

We don't just offer furnace installation, but have scheduled maintenance and HVAC repair on any make and model of equipment. No matter what brand of gas furnace, we're the local contractor to call to have the job done right.

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"Last summer we had our air conditioner serviced. The company we use before had gone out of business so we were in the market to find a new service provider. A friend had recommended this place and they did do a great job I will be using their services again."
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Modesto Heating Installation
Wally Falke's
Modesto Heating Installation
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Merced Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

Modern gas furnaces have really taken comfort and efficiency to new levels. Condensing technology captures heat energy that used to be lost. Full modulating flames adjust in small increments in order to heat more efficienty. Variable speed fan motors are not only more efficient, but offer greater comfort and are whisper quiet! And remember, the furnace fan is used for air conditioning too. Call us today to learn more about a furnace for your home!

Modesto Radiant Heating

Radiant Heat Systems

The downside of using gas furnaces for heat is that they can have cold spots and drafts. Have you ever had cold feet because the air at floor level is just plain cold? A radiant heat system does away with cold spots and drafts forever! Hot water is pumped into pipes underneath the floor which causes an evenly distributed layer of heat to quietly rise and fill the room. It's winter comfort like you've never had in the past.

CityName Geothermal

Geothermal Heat Pumps

For the ultimate in cooling efficiency, look no further than a geothermal heat pump. Regardless of whether the temperature is cold or hot outside, the temperature underground remains fairly consistent. This thermal temperature is a renewable energy source directly under your lawn that a geothermal heat pump can tap into to not only cool your home, but provide heating. Wally Falke's is a certified WaterFurnace contractor, providing CityName geothermal solutions. Geothermal Heat Pump
Industry Qualifications
Our industry credentials exemplify what our customers already know: When you call Wally Falke's you're receiving some of the finest heating and air conditioning service in the industry!