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Indoor Air Quality

Transform the quality of the air you breath with an indoor air quality solution from Wally Falke's!

Are you constantly sneezing? Do you feel your allergies starting up before you even leave the house? Do you get stuffed up within an hour of waking up? Chances are you have air borne toxins, allergens, bacteria and other pollutants trapped inside your home, circulating 24 hours a day.

Modern homes are built to be very energy efficient, but the down side of this is that air borne toxins and pollutants are trapped inside, circulating 24 hours a day. Your HVAC system cycles the same air through the entire house when heating or cooling, and the contaminants go with it. Toxins from cleaners, finishing products, pet dander, viruses, mold. There are more, but you get the idea. The good news is that indoor air quality (IAQ) products can transform the air quality in your home.

IAQ products are not mutually exclusive. A UV lamp has a distinct purpose, and cannot perform the job of a ventilator, or an advanced air cleaner. Read about the products below, or call Wally Falke's today at (209) 632-7596 for more information.

Central Valley Indoor Air Quality
Brief information about indoor air quality equipment:
York Air Cleaner

Air Cleaners

Whole house air cleaners replace the thin filters that come with a furnace or air handler. These advanced air cleaners can capture microscopic particles including allergens, VOCs, bacteria and more!
York UV Lamps

UV Lamps

Ultraviolet air purifiers kill airborne and surface mold and bacteria. They are effective mounted in ducting near your HVAC system, as well as the indoor coil to kill the mold that loves to grow during the cooling season.
York Whole House Humidifier


Proper humidity does a lot for indoor comfort. Dry air is uncomfortable. Humid air feels muggy and hot. Both scenarios cost you money because you end up running the heating and air more. Whole house humidification control will transform your comfort and lower utility bills.
York Energy Recovery Ventilator


Opening the windows in your home to let in the fresh breeze would be nice to do year round right? But that's simply not practical with weather extremes. However, a ventilator can exchange fresh air from outside for stale indoor air, and transfer heat energy during the process!
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