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Air Conditioning Repair in Modesto, CA

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Whether your air conditioner is making a strange sound during operation, your energy bills have spiked over the last month, or you are discovering hot spots in rooms throughout the house, you can depend on the expert HVAC technicians at Wally Falke's Heating & Air Conditioning to restore your AC to its best operating condition. We offer high - quality air conditioning repair services throughout Modesto and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems thoroughly and rapidly. Our cooling repair technicians are NATE certified and get routine training. Call our team today for professional air conditioning repair.

Signs That You Need to Repair Your AC

It is important to make sure that your air conditioner works well at all times. However, any AC is subject to a significant amount of wear and tear over time that can cause components to break down and debris to accumulate. Regular maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of problems, but some air conditioning repairs are inevitable. Here are a few signs that you need to call the Modesto air conditioning repair experts at Wally Falke's Heating & Air Conditioning:

Inadequate cooling: Don't settle for anything less for your comfort during the summer months. When the cooling level from your AC begins to drop, we can make sure that the cause of the issue is discovered and taken care of as soon as possible.

Uneven cooling: If certain rooms are not receiving the same level of cooling as others, it is often a problem with the zone control dampers; it might also stem from duct damage. Professionals will track down the reason for the problem and find the best way to remedy it.

System won't start: If your AC fails to start when you adjust the thermostat, then it could have trouble from a bad capacitor or some other electrical issue. It could also be a problem with a miscalibrated or malfunctioning thermostat.

Expensive electrical bills: If you notice a spike in your electrical bills during a time when the air conditioner runs regularly, then the rise may come from a fault inside the AC.

Why Schedule Professional Air Conditioner Repair

One of the difficulties involved in AC repair is that many different sources may lay behind an apparent problem. A drop in cooling power, icing along the coils, unusual noises: a variety of problems could lead to any of these conditions. Unless you have the proper professional training, you will not be able to determine the specific cause, and any attempts to repair the system on your own - or for amateur technicians to attempt the repairs - will likely not solve the problem and end up causing further damage. Don't open up the cabinets of your AC and try to tinker when you notice operating problems. Instead call the HVAC professionals at Wally Falke's Heating & Air Conditioning and let us handle it. We will get the job done right the first time.

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We've been using Wally Falke's for our AC and heat for years, and have been very happy. They show up when promised and call ahead to make sure you're there. They explain any problems and the work they need to do. We've had many technicians from Wally Falke's over the years and they've all been very friendly and polite. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!

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